Student Expectations

A New Hybrid Schedule

The school year will start with a new hybrid schedule. You'll be assigned to a cohort, and you'll physically attend school on a rotational basis. On days that you're not physically in school, you'll be attending your classes synchronously (live, following the same bell schedule) from home via Zoom. More info here!

Daily Morning Screening

Every morning before leaving home, you'll complete a health and wellness survey. Your completion screen is your ticket into the building.

Temperature screenings will be completed prior to entering the building every morning. Students with temperatures above 100 will be sent home.

Wearing Masks In School

All students and staff will be required to wear masks in school. This will take a little getting used to, but will quickly become business-as-usual once school is underway. Students are encouraged to find a comfortable mask that they can wear for the duration of the in-person school day. Disposable masks will also be available in school.

Learning Live on Zoom

The bulk of your learning will be taking place online, on Zoom, following the daily bell schedule.

  • Attendance will be taken at the start of each class, just as it would be if we were all meeting in person. (Don't be late!)

  • Students will be required to have their cameras on, and will be expected to adhere to the Zoom norms shared by their teachers.