Return to Full Day Schedule

This page contains details regarding the Spring 2021 Return to Full Day schedule, which will take effect on May 18, 2021.

Please note that the calendars below are subject to change, and may not represent the most up-to-date daily rotations.

As of May 18th, the school calendar will no longer follow an AM, PM rotation.

Instead, the school calendar will return to NVRHS's full day rotate-and-drop schedule.

Please see the May & June calendars, as well as the corresponding daily bell schedule, below.

To access the schedule matrix (very helpful for understanding the rotating-schedule, especially for individuals who haven't used it in prior years!), click here.

For help converting the "list view" to the 4-day rotating schedule in Genesis (for students), click here.

To view the previous (Stage 3) calendar and AM/PM bell schedule, click here.

Recent Updates from the NJ DOH:

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